The most important part of any project is having a good brief to start with…

At the start of every project we will sit down with you and help define the parameters of your project. What is the scope of works you require and how deep would you like us to go with each task? The Scope and Depth of a project determines how long a project is likely to take and therefore how much it will cost to achieve.

Without a detailed brief you will not be able to cost any aspect of you project. Involving us at the early planning stages of your project will allow us to add value to your project.

Q. What information do you need to provide?

A. As much as you can. The more information about your project the better it will run and the more cost effective it will be.

Q. What happens next?

A. Once we have broken you project down into tasks we will work methodically through our own processes to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding this service. We would be delighted to assist you in writing your next project brief.