Workplace Sensors

Our people centric sensors that automate, occupancy analysis, booking and promote end user wellness will soon become a standard option when specifying workplace interiors much like flatscreen monitor arms and desk top power modules.


Architects, designers and facilities departments can now design office interiors based on real-time data from our sensors that monitor the ACTUAL occupancy within any location. No more guess work or time consuming and intrusive surveys that are riddled with human error.


Monitor occupancy

  • How much of your real estate do you actually use?
  • Do you actually need more space or do you simply need to re model it?
  • Our sensors will monitor anything and everything you specify 24/7

Rooms and desk booking. 

ANY space, room or item of furniture, anywhere in the world can now become a bookable resource, via your smart phone, thus ensuring you have the exact space you require every day to enable you to complete the task for the day.

Workplace FF&E Designer Software

WFFEWorkplace FF&E specification and procurement software is a simple, initiative, online software solution that enables you to budget, specify, procure, deliver and install any furniture package in the most cost effective way possible.


  • Create accurate FF&E budgets quickly.
  • Build detailed schedules using your local or global product Library’s saving a massive amount of time.
  • All the information and reports you need pre built into the system or design your own reports.
  • No more Excel, No more errors, No more starting from scratch, No more sorting and filtering information in huge spreadsheets.
  • Share furniture schedules with anyone in the project team for review then issue to manufacturers for final tender pricing.
  • Manage the procurement, delivery and installation via the same simple online system.

If you have anything to do with the specification of FF&E packages, this system WILL automate the admin/ workflow and save you so much time. Valuable time that you can spend doing the things you really love.. Choosing furniture and designing beautiful interiors.

For more info please complete the form below letting us know which product you are interested in. Workplace Sensors or Workplace FF&E Designer Software.