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We love furniture

Workplace Consultant founder Simon Outtrim left college with a furniture design and fine craftsmanship qualification and has worked with furniture manufacturers and dealers in London for almost twenty years.

Our knowledge and experience is invaluable and we would be delighted to share it with you.

Working as part of your existing project team we will save you money specifying furniture.

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Cost consultancy

Initial budget quote take off from architects space plan

Bronze, silver and gold budget quote take off from architects space plan

Product specific, priced furniture schedule

Bronze, Silver and Gold furniture schedule

Other typical services include…

Furniture tender response documents

Existing furniture surveys

Storage surveys

O&M Documents

More coming soon on this… click here for a list of typical services

Manufacturing & Procurement

All workplace furniture is likely to be manufactured to order ‘just-in-time’.

The just-in-time manufacturing process manufactures furniture to a pre agreed date and has the additional benefits to the manufacturer of reducing any warehousing costs.

Typically, all workplace furniture can be manufactured and installed on a ten week procurement program comprising of…

1 week            Order Processing

8 weeks          Manufacturing (of standard products)

1 week            Installation (for circa one hundred desks & loose furniture)

This will is likely to be extended by another four weeks if your project falls over December, Christmas manufacturing shutdown or August, Summer manufacturing shutdown.

Where possible steer clear of ‘special’ products.

A ‘Special’ product is any item that is not standard shape, size or finish.

Any non standard products are likely to add an additional four weeks to your program to design and structure. Procured as part of a major project you shouldn’t pay any more than a standard version and can basically have what you want. Issues are likely to arise post project thought when you inevitably need to place low volume orders of the same items. A good day-two service provider will be invaluable at this time.

Shorter manufacturing lead times are possible from some manufacturers however we strongly advise you make sure the salesperson can deliver on their promise dates. Quick ship products are available however your product selection will be greatly reduced. Please contact us now if you feel your project is running out of time.

Delivery and installation should also include two weeks free warehousing which will allow for consolidation of loose furniture items and any minor delays to your project without incurring any additional cost.

Workplace furniture, manufactured, just-in-time cannot be manufactured any quicker or delivered earlier than originally agreed. Careful planning is therefore required to make sure all orders are placed on time, months in advance of the date you need them on site.